Roblox Could be Coming to PS4, But Some Think It’s Better With PS5

been around since 2006 but Roblox continues to be a favorite among gaming fans
around the world because of its unique format that allows players and creators
to come together in one platform.

fact, its popularity already surpassed rival Minecraft when it reached over 100
million active users in 2019, making it the largest user-generated online gaming
platform in the world.

if you’re one of those biggest fans of Roblox, you’ll know that it’s only
available in PC, mobile and Xbox One. And recently, there have been rumors that
the popular game will soon be available on PS4. But will it really happen?

Roblox isn’t coming to PS4 anytime soon.

the rumors about Roblox being introduced to PS4 is well, just a rumor. For one,
Microsoft already signed an exclusive deal with Roblox in 2015 for the game to
be released on its console, the Xbox one.

there were news that Sony was making a deal with Roblox to release the game on
PS4, there have been no proof to justify the claim and Sony hasn’t released any
statements on the matter until now. In fact, if you log on to Roblox using your
PS4, you’ll instantly get the “your current platform isn’t supported” message.

Roblox isn’t coming to PS5 either.

enthusiasts are all waiting for the release of PS5 this year, which is why some
fans are also looking forward to seeing Roblox as part of PS5’s repertoire once
it’s launched.

that may just be another wish for Roblox fans because no one really knows if
there are plans to release the game on PS5 isntead of PS4.

course, PS5 is expected to be a lot better than its predecessor, which also
makes it a better option for releasing games like Roblox. According to
PlayStation CEO Jum Ryan, “with every console, the processor and graphics get
better, which is, of course, compelling, but we need to have unique elements
too.” But that’s just about all the information that the company has given
about PS5 and its features.

The bottomline

or not Roblox will be released on PS4 or PS5, only its developers will know.
The PS5, however, is set to be launched in holiday 2020 and it will reportedly
be sold for $499 in the United States. With bigger features and better
capabilities, gamers wouldn’t mind paying the price for the new PS5, for sure.  

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